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•  The Twyn Tub 150A concept is proving itself to be popular amongst customers requiring a safe and long lasting biodiesel processor for small scale use. Now in it's Twyn Tub 150 MK2 form, the machine is a fully comprehensive vegetable oil to biodiesel processor and will even pre-process waste vegetable oil from pubs, restaurants and cafes, with filtration systems for both oil and biodiesel and de-waxing capability. Produces 150 liters per batch.
• The TT400A. Big brother to the 150MK2, it will produce 400 liters of high quality biodiesel per batch. Ideal for businesses as it conforms to safety regulations so that employees can safely and legally work on the machine AND the larger size means more liters per hour's wages. Hands on time is still 5 hours. Available in single or 3 phase (30 amp supply). A compressor is required for operating the main pump (no hand pump).
•  The TT700A is probably the best value machine in the range, suitable for semi-professional use it uses a 3 phase power supply and can heat the vegetable oil up in as little as 2 hours. Some of our customers buy this machine as a pilot plant to test the biodiesel processing concept and then consider scaling up to a larger machine.
•  The QT2800 is basically 2 sets of the TT700A but rigged up in a line instead of pairs. The advantage of this is that no tank is ever left empty doing nothing, resulting in even higher efficiency. Even thought he QT2800 is only twice the cost of the TT700A, it will produce about 4 times the amount of biodiesel.
• The Methoxide Mixer is a purpose built machine for mixing either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide into methanol. This dedicated machine ensures that the solids are thoroughly mixed with the methanol, avoiding possible clogging up of valves and pipe work. The overall capacity is 200 liters and can be used with any of the biodiesel processing machines in the TT range.


  • Ultra-safe design, which makes it legal to employ people to run the machine within businesses.
  • The reactors and heating tanks are made from steel, which has high resistance to pressure, compatibility with all chemicals used and does not go soft at 60 degrees C.
  • The main pipe work is made of steel and is properly supported.
  • The main pump is spark-free, self priming, tolerant of large particles in the oil and resistant to all the chemicals used.
  • There is no need to pre-filter waste oil before going into the machine.
  • The unit is securely mounted on a sturdy platform and cannot be accidentally knocked over in normal operation.
  • There are NO add ons required for this machine, it is all inclusive and ready to go to make high grade biodiesel conforming to EN14214. The machine will accommodate all the stages of the biodiesel process from heating the oil to drying and de-waxing the finished product. The methoxide mixer is an optional extra to make this stage easier.
  • The processes used are all well established, employing traditional biodiesel technology with no 'research' techniques or otherwise. It is a fully developed biodiesel processor.
  • The heating tank is fitted with an internal 3KW 240 volt a/c stainless steel/incalloy heating element with thermostat. There is NO heating element in the reactor.
  • High quality stainless steel low level sensor prevents immersion heater being switched on accidentally.
  • Methoxide mixing is performed in a proper mixing vessel by adding catalyst to the methanol in the traditional way.
  • Will NOT turn your biodiesel acidic with 'Dry wash' or ionic exchange wash.
  • The processor is capable of making one batch of biodiesel every 24 hours although we recommend longer settling times to achieve highest quality.
  • Yield is normally 95% and a minimum of 150 liters in the TT150.
  • Sight tubes to see fluid levels in the tanks.
  • Sample points on both tanks to determine state of reaction/state of drying etc.
  • Waste vegetable oil compatible, the machine will take water and particles out of the oil prior to the reaction.
  • Biodiesel de-waxing system, preventing vehicle fuel filter problems.
  • Conical tank bottoms to get maximum separation efficiency.
  • Electric circulation pump for drying the oil and drying and de-waxing the biodiesel.
  • Skid mounted.
  • Full, comprehensive, training available plus full, two day, training course on DVD.
  • Free on site installation with delivery.
  • Spare parts always in stock.

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