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  The Goat industries conversion kit is based upon high quality 3-way valves that switch the fuel supply over between two tanks. Vegetable oil is poured into the vehicle's under chassis diesel tank and normal diesel goes into a smaller tank located inside the vehicle. Start up on diesel until the engine is warm and then switch over to veg oil to do the bulk of the journey. Then, just before arriving home, switch back to diesel ready for cold starting the next day. Some vehicles may need another 3-way valve on the return line, depending on whether that particular vehicle ends up with fuel flowing from one tank to another or not. In many cases it is a matter of trial and error.

conversion kit photo

The conversion kit contains the pipe work, special high pressure fittings for oil, a diesel filter, a high quality toggle switch, electrical cable and other essential fittings.

  An additional feature may be to incorporate a heat exchanger after the veg oil filter to pre-heat the oil before it reaches the pump. Tests that we have done ourselves have shown that the injector pump itself is a very effective heat exchanger, heating the oil to about 50 degrees C in the Summer. Heat is transferred from the hot engine to the injector pump through it's mounting and heat is generated in the pump through friction. Heat exchangers are very useful in the winter though, when temperatures can be much lower. Heated fuel filters might be an idea as veg oil will go waxey at lower temperatures, but a good alternative is to mix the oil with 10% petrol which will offset the cold filter plugging point and also significantly lower the viscosity. A splash of veggi-boost will also help combustibility.

  The two main reasons for having a conversion kit are 1. To enable the vehicle start easily from cold and 2. To reduce the strain on the pump by avoiding pumping veg oil when it is cold. Some vehicles are not compatible with vegetable oil use, namely those fitted with lucas, CAV, delphi or transdyne injector pumps. Our database shows that these types of pump have a high rate of failiure (25%) and so should be avoided altogether. Solutions would be to either sell the vehicle or exchange the pump for a bosch.

The photo on right shows the conversion kit installed in a diesel van. The small diesel filter and the switch over valve can be seen clearly.

The main points:

  • A two tank system with electric switch over to veg oil once the engine is warm. Switch back to diesel at the end of the journey.
  • Add 10% petrol to the veg oil to thin it down and stop it waxing up.
  • Not compatible with lucas, CAV and delphi injector pumps. Bosch pumps are best.
  • Not compatible with computer managed fuel systems ie. vehicles younger than year 2000.

  To purchase a Goat industries conversion kit please go to: products page. Otherwise try Dieselveg in Wolverhampton, who also provide a fitting service.

Please check what your fuel delivery system is before phoning us:

  1. What is the make of the pump?
  2. How old is the vehicle?
  3. Does it have computer controlled fuel management?
  4. Does it have a lift pump and is it mechanical or electrical?

Do you need to know if your car is compatible? Consultation for amateurs is £10.00 - Please see products page here.