Using Vegetable oil as a diesel fuel


"I have been using the twin tub for about 2 months and am really enjoying using it. I have made about 600 litres of bio-fuel and am running 2 cars on it with 100% oil.

From the start I have found Patrick to be very helpful, and enjoyed his company when he delivered the machine.

I would like to have had the 1 day training, but couldn’t fit in the time. There are instructions and safety warnings with the machine.
The instructions could be a little bit more comprehensive, but to Patricks credit, he has been “spot on” when I have phoned with questions and put me straight right away. Patrick has also been great for information re where to get hold of the chemicals needed etc, and for helping out with extra bits that I have wanted.

I am running a Fiat Ulysee 1.9 turbo diesel, and a Volvo v70 2.5 turbo diesel, both purely on the bio-fuel, and they are both doing well.

All in all I am a happy chappie.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me for a recommendation, I would be happy to have a chat."

John White.
East Lothian.

"I intended to write sooner and thank you. The delay has however, given me time to assess my experience in using the equipment. Overall I am really impressed with the 'plant', having now produced around 1000 litres of apparently good bio-diesel.
Initially we encountered a few teething problems, the worst being the satisfactory mixing of the methanol and sodium hydroxide in the mixing tub. That said, your availability either by email or phone, to discuss my problems and resolve my inability to continue a specific 'mix' has been excellent. Thank you.
The Toyota Land Cruiser has completed several thousand miles and the Avensis is close to two thousand miles, both using a mix of commercial and Twyn Tub bio-diesel.  
Thank you for the copy of your instructional DVD. Overall good value, but please try and improve the sound quality when producing the second version. The background road noise is not easy on the ears!

Overall, good equipment, made for the job and should last for a good long time."

........... Bruce


"When I originally looked to purchase a Bio-diesel processor I looked at machines that produced between 50 to 150litres. I looked at many units and soon realised that there were a lot that were 'gimmicky' and ‘glitzy’. I was looking for a machine thats value had been put into its engineering quality, and not just the marketing, shiny plastic and labeling!

The more I researched the more I learnt that making Bio-diesel is a bit like growing vegetables; In order to create good quality Bio-diesel the process takes time. However, being a busy person, I wanted to produce as much as possible in one batch, so I soon discarded the smaller batch producing machines. I read through many reviews and forums and saw that Patrick from Goat Industries was highly respected. I liked his honest attitude and could see his processors were no fuss and well engineered. I eventually bought a TT400 that produces 400litres at a time, enough to supply me and my partner.

Patrick was great to deal with and his service is second to none. He personally brought the machine down to me, stayed overnight in his van and made sure I understood and had everything. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I do not remember the last time I have had so much pleasure in buying something. Since buying the TT400 Patrick has always been there on the end of the phone to answer all of my daft questions..

I have now owned the TT400 Bio-diesel processor for a couple of months and love it!

Patrick and his machine are very cool, I recommend anyone to buy one, it’s fun!

Plan-it Green"